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At Software Sauna people always come first

Our humble goal is to build the best workplace in Croatia. Come along to build the future of premium remote software development services! We are always looking for exceptional talent and new friends to join us.

We are a team of senior developers with 5 to 15+ years of experience in software engineering. Our team has solid knowledge of various programming languages and frameworks. During the years we have been building heavy-traffic web applications and scaling distributed infrastructures. 

Even if we are proud of our work, we are not obsessed with it. We believe that you should have time to live your life in addition to crafting clean code. At Software Sauna you will naturally have flexible working hours, possibility for remote work, equipment of your choice and a supportive team around you.


Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads

1. Get to know us

We really appreciate it if you take a look at who we are and how we like to do things. It is important for you to check the Links section and see if any of it goes along with your own philosophy of software development. If it does, speak friend and enter.

2. Hello friend

Let’s hop on a video call and have a casual chat so we get to know each other better. Adrijana will tell you more about our way of work and our team. We'll talk about projects you have done and tell you more about us and projects we could do together. 

3. Code Challenge

This is the part where we expect you to show your skills. We will send you our Code Challenge via e-mail. There is no hard time limit. In other words, don't just do it to get it done - show us the best version of your code. We will review it and provide you with constructive written feedback - directly from our devs!

4. Tech Talk

As an alternative to Code Challenge, you can also choose Technical Talk with our devs. It’s a form of pair programming (driver-navigator fashion). Software Sauna developer is the driver & you are the navigator. Our developer writes the code and answers any of your questions, while you ask questions & guide the driver what to write. The point here is to have constructive discussion, no matter framework, language or technology.

5. Are we there yet?

Hopefully, you shall pass and join the heat!


Competitive salary according to your experience (just as everyone else has 😉)
Private healthcare
Additional pension fund
Continuous extreme learning - supported by a personal education budget
Trips abroad
Free refreshment and snacks
Massage once a month
Cool swag
Burger & pizza Fridays
Sauna Pale Ale
MultiSport card


Lead Software Developer
Head of Talent
Business Development Manager
Senior Full Stack Developer
HR Specialist
Senior Front End Developer
Project Manager
Lead Software Developer


What technologies do you currently use?

The short answer: Java, Kotlin, Python, C#, Node.js, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, React, Vue, Electron, Azure, AWS, GCP.  

The long answer: Although we do not plan to venture in some areas, technologies per se are not that important to us. We actively avoid legacy or outdated technologies for practical reasons. However, the primary skill-set we aim for is related to crafting quality code, knowing what it is and how to get to it from a not-so-good codebase.

Are you looking for front-end or back-end developers?

We are primarily looking for full-stack developers, but we welcome front-end experts too. By full-stack we mean developers who are comfortable not only with both front-end and back-end coding, but also handling databases, version control issues and deployment pipelines. We also welcome advanced seniors ready to tackle the agile development process itself using practices like impact mapping, story slicing, BDD, etc. Don’t worry if you’re not an expert in one (or any) of these fields. We’re looking for people who are willing to explore them, not necessarily master them.

What do your teams look like?

Every developer is assigned to one project and team. Either we work together with our clients' developers or form independent teams. We aim to acquire more projects where we can influence things like tech-stack, architecture and workflow. That way we can deliver the most value to our clients since our potential for agile delivery is fully realised. 

Regardless of assignment to projects, we are actively building a culture of open communication within Software Sauna. Any developer may ask anyone a question at any time. Pairing across projects is encouraged because it helps to spread knowledge in both directions. Regularly, we have brown-bag sessions (informal developer meetings) where we talk about our daily problems and other topics. With these practices a kind of a meta-team (or guild) is set up, which delivers a positive impacts to all project-teams. 

What are your clients like?

Most of our clients are from the Nordic countries, but we welcome challenges from all parts of the world. Our team delivers solutions in a variety of business domains. Mostly our projects are from:

  • Health tech
  • Education tech
  • eCommerce & retail
  • Music industry
  • Different SaaS platforms

Regarding our clients’ organisation types, we work with:

  • Product companies - any business domain
  • Leading local software development agencies - chance to work together with experienced developers from the region e.g. Nordics, Germany
  • Startups - interesting early stage projects

Do I get the chance to participate in steering the company?

Totally. We have a flat-organization culture and there is no hierarchy.Our developers are informed of potential new clients and projects. All developers have a say in whether they would like to work on a project or not. Also, any developer may participate in hiring interviews if they wish or have some valuable expertise (like technical skills with which to query the candidate).

What do you look for in a developer?

Ah, the core question. We are interested in people who want to better themselves and those around them. People who care about the quality of their code and the process they use to produce it. Software Sauna is dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions to its clients. To get to those solutions we chose the Agile methodology. We are passionate about modern agile practices mostly inherited from Extreme Programming, including but not limited to: test-driven development, behaviour-driven development (a.k.a. specification by example), continuous integration and delivery, merciless refactoring, pair programming, clean code and architecture, evolutionary design. 


Software Sauna d.o.o.

Petračićeva ulica 6 (HUB385)

10 000 Zagreb, Croatia